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CoolChip Technology Benefits from ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape Analysis Methodology

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

On August 20th and 21st, 32 future management consultants from top Business Schools in India participated in a ZENeSYS Boot Camp. The objective of the  boot camp was to learn ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape Methodology and write the best analysis for CoolChip Technologies.

Winner of MIT clean energy award and recipient of a DARPA grant, CoolChip Technologies has perfected its patented technology for rapid heat removal from high performance computer chips. They are now ready for its next level of growth.

The participants in the Boot Camp were tasked with using the ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape Analysis (CLA) methodology to provide an unbiased assessment of CoolChip’s product features as compared to its competitors. Three teams from Boot Camp submitted their analysis in the final round which prompted the following response from William Sanchez CEO of CoolChip Technologies.

“We had the opportunity to benefit from their novel methodology for competitive landscaping. The ZENeSYS analysis will be very useful for CoolChip’s next stage of growth as we seek our next round of financing. In-depth understanding of the competitive landscape is curial for positioning our company. The ZENeSYS systematic framework provides a clear, concise mulch-dimensional presentation of the competitive landscape. The tool is a priceless piece of machinery for processing unwieldy amounts of information. The rapid report generation and high standard of quality make the market intelligence very valuable and a resource CoolChip will continue to use as we explore new market verticals and require comprehensive analysis on incumbents and new entrants.”

About ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape Analysis (CLA): A methodology that has been perfected over two years to get the most up-to-date snapshot of market conditions as it relates to a client’s specific product or service. The methodology uses a framework based on competitor goals and customer’s preferences to synthesize news, blogs, forums, white papers, patents, press releases, testimonials, product literature, industry reports, books, and journals to identify best practices and opportunity areas. Startups develop insights for growth and investors get an unbiased assessment of investment risk.


A Creative Market Entry Strategy for CoolChip Technologies

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

In a first of its series, ZENeSYS is launching a management consulting training boot camp and a competition to go along with it. CoolChip Technologies, the MIT startup and winner of MIT Clean Energy award is the client sponsor.

The training is directed at young aspiring management consulting professionals in India who are already at business schools or are looking to make the transition. In a week long run up to the first day at the boot camp, participants will learn consulting tools and methodologies available to them online at our website.

On day one of the boot camp, the participants will hit the ground running with a reference market entry case and guidance from instructors at ZENeSYS. On day two, they will develop a market strategy for CoolChip Technologies using our Competitive Landscape Analysis methodology, a powerful and proven technique for quick analysis of opportunities and threats for new products.

The CEO of CoolChip Technologies, Mr. William Sanchez will be present in the Boot Camp to interact with the six teams over Skype Video to answer questions and judge the winning team. The boot camp will be held in New Delhi on August 20th and 21st. Participants from leading Business Schools such as Delhi University, FMS, IIT-DMS, SJMSOM and IIM-R are registered to participate.

“I am truly exited about this boot camp and am looking forward to the creative ideas that will emerge from the entries” said William Sanchez last week at MIT when I met him.

If your firm has an interesting product or service for the emerging markets and would like to be considered for the next Boot Camp, please send me an email at

Our own Competitive Analysis

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

If you are in need of custom market research, competitive analysis, or data analytics, here are your options:

  1. ZENeSYS – A virtual, scalable network of certified management consulting resources
  2. Guru/Elance – A host of other portals for engaging freelance consultants
  3. Big Firms – The big name firms like Gartner, IDC, Yankee, Forrester, & Big 4
  4. Client – You could do it yourself

So how do we stack up?

While we are relatively unknown, our unique model of using a network of our own certified consultants has two powerful advantages:

  1. Virtual Consultants meaning lower cost, faster engagements, diverse expertise
  2. Assurance of quality from ZENeSYS core team

Our consulting certification process is a result of developing unique course ware and assessment methodology for over three years. The result – all our past clients are willing to act as our references.

Crowdfunding Social Entreprenuers

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

CARMa a social enterprise in India who are creating opportunities for the needy in rural India has entered a race to raise $8,000 to win an accelerator program at The Unreasonable Marketplace.  CARMa has made it into a shortlist of 45 who are in a race to convince that the crowds they have it in them to do what it takes to realize their vision. If the entrepreneurs can raise the target amount, Unreasonable Marketplace will put them in touch with well known venture firms such as The Acumen Fund and put them in contact with other sponsors for high growth potential.  Supporters will need to put their money where their mouse is. Another great example of tapping the power of crowds and this time, for funding, credibility and an expression of our sentiment.

How to determine best practices by analyzing the market leaders

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Last summer a team of interns from a leading B-School in India – Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C), developed a Competitive Landscape Analysis methodology at ZENeSYS.

Using this methodology, best practices and opportunity areas can be identified in any industry segment. Once these are known,  businesses can formulate a strategy to enhance their performance.  The methodology works by analyzing the market leaders in any given segment of the industry. Take for example ACME a manufacturer of 100W wind turbines as a case study.

The first step was to determine the market leaders in the 100W wind turbine market segment. The market leaders at the time of the study were as shown in Fig 1.

Fig1. Market Leaders

The next step in this methodology was to determine buyer preferences and vendor goals of this particular wind turbine market segment. These preferences and goals were determined by secondary research through product literature, white papers, industry reports, product reviews, blogs, news articles, and other indirect indicators such as sales figures, customer profiles and customer feedback.

Fig 2. Customer Preferences P1 to P6

The customer preferences P1 to P6 are listed in Fig 2. The goals of 100W turbine vendors are listed as G1 to G6 in Fig 3.

Fig 3. Vendor Goals G1 - G6

In the third step, we create a matrix by cross referencing the Vendor Goals and Customer Preferences as shown in the Synthesis Matrix in Fig 4. This matrix becomes a framework for analyzing each market leader (the vendors listed in Fig 1)

In the fourth and final step, research was done to see which market leaders were  able to address the customer preferences while realizing their goals. Which ever vendor is fulfilling this, their name was put into that particular cell as shown in the completed matrix Fig 4.

Fig 4. CLA Synthesis Martrix for 100W Wind Turbines

Now the interpretation of the populated matrix is quite simple. The cells in a column that show a lot of vendor names are the best practices and the ones that are relatively empty are the opportunity areas.

If we were advising ACME, here are two examples recommendations – one for best practice and one for opportunity area.

  1. Best Practice: Invest in R&D as this is being done by almost all the market leaders (look down in column G1 – almost every market leader is investing).
  2. Opportunity Area: Grab export market share (look down column G3).

ZENeSYS have delivered several engagements using this methodology with great results. No reason why you can try this analysis for your own industry segment. Of course our consultants will be delighted to do it for you.

For a full presentation of our CLA methodology, see our slidesshare posting here.

Competitive Landscape Analysis Consulting Case Competition @ ZENeSYS

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The following case competition starts today which is open to more than 590 members on the ZENeSYS consultant network at

The objective of the completion is to demonstrate potential in researching and analytical thinking capability. Participants have been tasked with learning and applying ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape Methodology. This methodology was developed last summer by a team of IIM-C interns at ZENeSYS to identify best practices and opportunity areas by analyzing market leaders in any given segment.

The CASE: You have been hired by Sunrise Fashion Garments India Pvt. Ltd to help them with growing to the next level. Sunrise specializes in manufacturing designer clothing for women. Sunrise gets orders from designers, sources the material and manufacture the garments to specifications. Right now their sales is about 8 Cr in annual turnover by supplying to small fashion designers and small brand name retailers. They want a 3 year plan to grow three times in size. They need help with raising capital, build a new manufacturing facility and launch an aggressive sales and marketing campaign to accomplish their growth target. You work for ZENeSYS and plan to use their Competitive Landscape Analysis to determine the Best practices and Opportunities for reaching their growth target.

We will publish the winning entry here in 3 weeks time.

Sponor a Consulting Skills Competition to get your answer

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Do you have a market research question that you need answered?

Sponsor a consulting skills contest on our network of 600+ eager consulting fans from leading B-Schools and young professionals. The competition objective is to test the ability to use the tools and methods that is being taught at ZENeSYS. Expect around 20 to 25 contestants enter the competition. We will shortlist the 3 best entries and send it to the sponsor.

You the sponsor, decide the winner and enjoy the insights!

How to sponsor the competition

  1. In one sentence tell us what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. It needs to be a well defined goal or objective e.g.  you are a manufacturing firm looking to setup a new unit in a different country.
  3. Name 3 to 5 competitors in your industry
  4. Send an email to or see our website to see who we are

What to expect in the report

  1. A 25 to 30 page powerpoint report
  2. A set of best practice ideas for accomplishing the goal
  3. A set of opportunities and risks involved

How the Competition is Administered

  1. The assignment will be thrown open to more than 600 eager and motivated candidates.
  2. Approximately 20 to 30 candidates take up the challenge and work on the assignment.
  3. Out of the submissions, ZENeSYS will shortlist the three best submissions and send it to the sponsor
  4. Declare the winner (the best amongst the three)
  5. Sponsors keep all three reports

Cost of Sponsoring

  1. $ 500

Time to complete competition

  1. 4 weeks


  1. Sponsoring organizations can choose to remain anonymous