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The Blogger Saibal Sen

After attempting two former startups, I am now on to my third one. So what is different this time? One in phrase – perseverance and dogmatic faith in doing what I like doing. 

After 15 years of technology and management consulting work, I finally figured out that I love to teach. However, the only thing or two I know is the mistakes I made in my own consulting career. True to the adage, when you have lemons, one has to make lemonade. My lemonade is the work of last three years is developing unique a management consulting teaching curriculum. A program that will teach how not to make the mistakes I made!

I have developed a series of six video lectures to show how to take a structured approach to problem solving and solution development in a consulting life cycle. Even though there are more than 50 books on learning consulting but none show an end-to-end approach nor gives the experience of getting into the driving seat.

After listening to the six video lectures, aspiring consulting professionals can take an assessment to prove their analytical thinking capability and join us in a live consulting project. Today ZENeSYS has grown to 600 members in a social network on our website.

With more than 90 certified consultants in our network, we are taking on online consulting projects helping startups, private equity firms and small enterprises with insights and strategy advice. Our client is anyone who is comfortable with working online. This is why we became to be known as the “cloud consultants”.

In my previous life, I worked for Arthur D. Little as a management consultant in Cambridge USA. After that I ran my own consulting shop KUBER for 10 years serving clients such as Philips, AtosOrigin, British Telecom, Motorola, Boston Scientific Corporation, Sungard Financial Systems,  and many others. I have a EE degree from India and a MS in Management Sciences from the London School of Economics.

Hope you will enjoy my views, comments and tips. Please excuse me for promoting ZENeSYS while I blog as I sincerely believe that ZENeSYS will bring valuable skills to hundreds of young professionals and value for money in strategic advice to entrepreneurs and corporations around the world.

About ZENeSYS, The Cloud Management Consultants

An online Market Intelligence and Strategy service by a network of more than 600 eager research analysts and consultants in a crowd sourcing model for instant and fresh insight from web sites, news feeds, blogs, social networks, and the collective thinking power of large teams.


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