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Learning and competing

As a fun way of learning consulting skills, we launched a “Prove your analytical skills” competition in end of March this year.

There were a series of six contests – each tied to one of our six management consulting training modules.

The six challenges:

  1. What is the difference between IT Consulting & Management Consulting? – Contestants were tested on their ability to observe and list the differences in a structured format.
  2. Consulting Knowledge Base – use or abuse? – For this we asked contestants to analyze the underlying ethical issues on the following FT article McKinsey model springs a leak
  3. Issue analysis using Initial Hypothesis – We told them that they are management consultants for Divestiture of Hero Group from Honda and they need to come up with a strategy using this tool.
  4. Creating Hybrid Frameworks – We asked our contestants to create a framework for how Apollo Group of Hospitals may enter Africa.
  5. Creating Recommendations using a Synthesis Matrix – We gave them an analytical snapshot of research data for launching a cosmetic product done in one of our earlier projects. Contestants were asked to develop a set of recommendations on the basis of facts.
  6. Write a SHORT Consulting Proposal – They were asked to write a mock proposal for University of California purchasing system. Their ability to use planning tools to write a proposal that was convincing for the client and addressed the threats from competition was tested.

We wish to thank all who participated and congratulations once again Luis Villegas for first place and Deepak Verma as runners up!

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